rabbit farming for meat

Raising rabbits can be a cost effective way to raise livestock. There they’re often still alive and terrified as they’re torn apart by predators. The bigger the herd, the more water and so making sure that the pens are fitted with a large bottle of good clean water is a must. It won’t have time to even feel afraid. Rabbit meat is consumed all over the world. With this in mind, the New Zealands, Californians, and Champagne d’Argents are your preferred choices, particularly if you’re just getting started. Copyright © 2021 Dre Campbell Farm. Well, if it was, then you can rest easy. Slice quickly through the jugular veins. This is a rarer breed, however, making it more difficult to acquire. Stay consistent with your feed as rabbits have very delicate tummies and you do not want to upset them. If you’re into it strictly for meat, then you have several options to choose from. This can all be found in green, leafy veggies such as spinach, kale, carrot (duh), muller, parsnip, cucumber, green grass (an excellent excuse to let them run around and play outside), and vegetable waste. Here is a list of the best rabbit choices for your rabbit farm: These rabbits can top off the scales at close to 12 pounds and are usually pale orange in color. This one isn’t highly recommended on the basis that it doesn’t always kill immediately. There is the Deep Litter Method, which is best suited for smaller populations. You will need to spend time making sure that the enclosures you built for the rabbits are cleaned regularly as well as make sure that they stay in tip-top shape. Make sure they have a generous and clean source of fresh water and you’ll be good to go. It’s humane, like the other three, but it has to be done so carefully and correctly so as not to cause the animal any suffering. Once you have successfully mated and kept a litter, you will want to understand the aftercare system. Raising Palomino rabbits for meat may well be the best choice for inner-city rabbit farming as they are quite docile. You’ll want a breed that is on the larger side and produces lean, muscular meat, and gives birth to larger litters. When harvesting your rabbits keep the pelts as whole as possible. As a result, breeders may be able to get anything from 125-250 pounds of rabbit meat per year. Rabbit rearing is inexpensive when it comes to feeding. You will want to decide who you will be sent to slaughter and what you intend to do with them. The rate of breeding makes rabbits one of the best sustainable meat sources you can raise. They’re not only inexpensive to acquire and keep, but they’re easy to feed as well. If you are unable to butcher the rabbits yourself due to regulations, then you may have to deal with a third party, and this can mean an extra added cost. Another benefit of raising this breed is the pelts may provide an additional income source. You want to raise healthy rabbits, and one of the things they are most liable to get is ear mites. Keep in mind though that with the deep litter method, you have a higher chance of disease spreading through the family. If you are looking to sell your extra meat and have processed it on-site, you can easily charge $5 – $7 per pound. Everything You Need to Know About Pygmy Goats Everything happens fast with rabbits. Once the does are pregnant, you will know exactly when they are getting ready to have the babies as they will start pulling out hair and making a nest with it. If you make sure to keep up on the cleaning and build a pen and hutch that is safe from their escape and the entrance of predators, there should be no noise and even less fuss. You will want to let the hutch completely dry and air out before replacing the bedding and letting your rabbits back into the structure. Joining a rabbit club and attending rabbit shows are useful ways to learn about rabbit production, says Karoline. These rabbits can produce 5 – 8 kits (babies) per litter and up to eight litters per year. Rabbits do not take as much food as other livestock you may consider for your backyard farm. Let the mother do her job. You may never see the mother feeding the babies, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t. As for the food itself, you will want to utilize a nice balance of hay, fresh veggies, and pellets. To fulfill the food demand for growing population, we have to find out different ways of food production. However, you will need a place where you can break down the rabbits once slaughtered. So, take the time to investigate where you can raise your rabbits and the rules you must follow to do so. There are some distinctive things that you should stay away from doing regarding your rabbit farm. This means that this rabbit is great for frying.

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