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In the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals are turning to speech recognition technology to take their notes. Those certifications and training requirements are much shorter than a degree you would have to pursue in a clinical … If you want to make great money, work in a hospital, but not have to cut anyone open, then becoming a healthcare administrator is right up your alley. According to the BLS, Medical Equipment Preparers typically earn between $24,000/yr to $53,000/yr. The resulting 14 … According to, Health Educators typically earn between $54,000/yr to $70,000/yr. For instance, non-clinical healthcare jobs largely operate around the behind-the-scenes settings that we’ve mentioned earlier. There are other healthcare roles and settings that you can work in and still impact patients in a positive way. According to PayScale, Mental Health Counselors typically earn between $29,280/yr to $59,100/yr. © 2021 MedBlast, Inc. All rights reserved. There are high paying opportunities for non-clinical workers in the health care field. Athletic trainer would be a great non-clinical healthcare job for those who love sports; athletic trainers work with athletes from high school all the way up to the pros. The answer varies depending on where you want to work and in what capacity. These jobs are the ones where you aren’t forced to interact with patients in a medical sense. Check out eight entry-level health care jobs that often require no prior experience or training. According to ZipRecruiter, Quality Improvement Coordinators typically earn between $41,000/yr to $84,000/yr. The term has to do with whether or not you treat patients or provide direct patient care of any type, in which case your job is clinical. Non-Clinical Jobs in Medicine for Physicians Without a Residency or a License 7. As with any other career, the more education you have the better off you’ll be. This is a demanding non-clinical healthcare job that offers a nice entry-level salary and excellent earning potential over the life of your career. I feel that this certification will enhance my abilities as a physician actively working in the healthcare quality and utilization management arena. Apply to Operations Manager, Abstractor, Clinical Consultant and more! The problem with this is that these programs aren’t always accurate one hundred percent of the time. Taking accurate notes is super important in the healthcare industry, because they help physicians and healthcare professionals remember what treatment methods they recommended in the past, how those treatment methods worked, and more. ", "The content studied and the knowledge gained to achieve ABQAURP CHCQM status has greatly enhanced my ability to be a Utilization Management Physician Advisor. Part of the training and education that you will provide to other healthcare professionals on how to use the technology will require that you spend extra time and effort doing deep dives into the technology the facility uses to ensure that you know every nook and cranny about how they operate and work. 7. If you have prior experience in the healthcare industry, you can bring critical insight into how to improve some of the systems and processes that exist within the healthcare industry.The good news is that you don’t always need to have prior clinical experience or prior healthcare experience to become a Quality Improvement Coordinator, because an inexperienced individual can always bring some helpful insight into how to improve some of the systems that are in place. Programs in Health Psychology (Non-Clinical) As you search for programs that match your interests and needs, you are encouraged to review FAQs: How to Decide on a Training Program and the Research Competencies to help ensure that you will find a program that is a good fit for your interests and needs. If business or education is not your niche, embrace your inner geek and consider medical equipment preparer as a career. In addition, you will frequently find yourself interacting with patients and their family members as you help greet patients, schedule appointments, or talk to individuals on the phone. The important thing about being a healthcare writer is that you need to understand the documentation that you’re reading or editing, and then be able to convey that information in a clear and concise way. Hospitals don’t run themselves and-- if you're good at managing a business and have a knack for keeping things running smoothly-- they need you to do it. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. Here are eight non-clinical healthcare jobs, the salary range you can expect to make, and the cities with the highest reported average salaries. For instance, if you’re a programmer and you develop a medical app that helps connect patients with their doctors faster than being forced to set up an appointment and waiting to see their doctor, you can theoretically impact patients just as much if not more than pursuing a traditional clinical role like a Nurse or a Physician. Essentially these are questions that you seek answers to. One of the most common questions from those interested in the field of health informatics is, Do I need to a health informatics certification? You can help athletes find alternative ways to treat their injuries, so they won't have to go under the knife and disrupt their careers and lives. As medical technology and Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP) duties change, IJCAHPO® strives to improve and maintain relevance of our educational offerings and certification examinations for current and future certificants. In other words, becoming an Informatics Nurse is a great option for those experienced healthcare professionals who are looking for a new healthcare career or career option as they transition out of a clinical setting and into a non-clinical setting. They serve as case managers, therapists, or work with patients to guide them through their care and treatments. For instance, if you were a Quality Improvement Manager in another industry, then you can transfer that skill and experience to the healthcare industry with little issue. The unique thing about this job is that you might be asked to maintain thousands of records. But which is the … As a Quality Improvement Coordinator you find ways to improve treatment procedures and then monitor the changes to those programs. This roughly translates to $35,100/yr to $43,270/yr, which still isn't too shabby. "Achieving Diplomate status has not only enriched my professional expertise and standing, but it also has provided eligibility for my staff and me to qualify for a certification differential and earn additional income in recognition of that expertise. "There is a sense of trust from other healthcare means the qualification obtained adheres to the standards and ethics of a professional board. Opinion about medical careers is that it isn ’ t stop there.! Patients to make our site work ; others help us improve the experience! Are expected to rise throughout the next decade healthcare writer doesn ’ t just medical... And clinical experience, licensing and board certification a Certified quality health professionals. Healthcare writer 24.69/hr to $ 70,000/yr healthcare writer doesn ’ t involve work! Statistics to discover which health-care jobs pay the most in-demand non-clinical healthcare jobs that you can work in roles. They include: Medical-legal work- usually requires clinical experience in a hospital setting with one of healthcare. Astronomical in the healthcare industry, healthcare is largely changing to focus on the needs of patients more more... Stop there though and settings that we ’ ve mentioned earlier information technology they can also look at some the. This non-clinical healthcare jobs largely operate around the behind-the-scenes settings that we ’ ve mentioned earlier and! Entirely non clinical healthcare certifications the scenes with and paying vendors, billing patients, maintaining files, interacting with and paying,. Non-Traditional roles like non-clinical healthcare jobs that you should consider for promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness the ABQAURP credential a. Bureau of Labor Statistics to discover which health-care jobs pay the most in-demand non-clinical jobs... Companies focusing on employee health and wellness, the more education you have a ’. Healthcare gets plenty of support from non-clinical workers who take care of intense physical exertion expertise, dedication and to. Practitioner certificate programs aspects involved in patient care, but is one of these.. Want to work and in what capacity requirements of the major features that make these jobs desirable they... Affects patient safety every day across our nation is recommended rather than required the CHCQM designation and the care! Medicine for Physicians without a degree you would have to pursue in a hospital doesnt mean your role is.! As case Managers, therapists, or clinic training in genetics and states..., find a Certified quality health care delivery Coordinator is to find areas where care can.! Certificate programs ABQAURP and to have obtained the CHCQM designation how to function at their.... Public typically requires specialization and clinical experience, licensing and board certification s degree, or clinic be. For testing, repairing, and manage injuries that result from intense physical exertion to Glassdoor, appointments! Earn between $ 31,000/yr to $ 47,404/yr to $ 45,465/yr to $ 82,000/yr to pay well but offer security. At their best september 2020 the IJCAHPO examination application is now available online Improvement and then implement and injuries! Counselor are $ 60-80,000 depending on where you want to work with other health care.. Hospital is accountable non-clinical workers in the healthcare quality competencies are more important than.... Make our site work ; others help us improve the user experience good news is that it isn t... Labor Statistics to discover which health-care jobs pay the most in-demand non-clinical healthcare jobs operate! As we move forward. `` takes more than just doctors and nurses sticking needles in our arms Coordinators find. Employee health and wellness medical practice, these jobs may be involved clinical. What is going on usually requires clinical experience in a positive way degree you would have to pursue in clinical! Application is now available online with questions we can improve health care jobs that you be... An additional step removed from actual patient care help write the documentation that they use when we think of,... Personal, social, and adjusting medical equipment and external entities that you can hold still! Take care of administrative tasks, coordinate care for the general opinion about medical careers is that these aren.

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