Technology Roadmap Outlines Key Global Power Electronics Innovations

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NextEnergy, on behalf of the PEIC, is developing a technology and manufacturing roadmap for the power electronics industry as part of the NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia grant to strengthen the domestic power electronics ecosystem. The roadmap is designed to build on the findings of the Supply Chain Gap Analysis released in April and showcase the global power electronics innovations in the coming years. The final goal is to identify strategies and build pathways by which to attract jobs and investment in power electronics manufacturing to the United States.

Based on market trends and innovation drivers, our roadmap focuses on four key areas of power electronics technology: advanced semiconductors, packaging, high-temperature capacitors, and low loss magnetics. These were identified as key innovation areas for establishing global leadership through a combination of primary research, secondary research, and an industry survey. For each of these technologies, the roadmap features a discussion of the key performance characteristics, current state of the art technologies, currently used manufacturing processes, emerging technologies, and global leadership. Initial findings of the roadmap were presented at the PEIC Annual Meeting in November to solicit feedback from PEIC members, and the findings will be reviewed by federal authorities, the PEIC Board of Directors, and additional industry professionals. The final results are scheduled to be presented at the Applied Power Electronics Conference in Long Beach, California in March, and strategic recommendations will be developed with industry participation at the 2016 PEIC Annual Industry Summit in April.

In advanced semiconductors, the technologies covered include substrate production, epitaxy, and device fabrication for Silicon and wide bandgap devices. This includes devices that are already in market (Si, SiC, GaN-on-Si) as well as emerging technologies (GaN-on-GaN, AlGaN, AlN, diamond). Packaging technologies of focus include die attach methods (soldering, sintering, transient liquid phase bonding) as well as interconnection technologies (ribbon bonding, ball bonding, flip chip). Additionally, the report has a special focus on the developments and potential in embedded packaging. For high temperature capacitor technology, the roadmap provides an overview of innovations in ceramic capacitors, new high temperature dielectric films, glass capacitors, and alternative capacitor manufacturing processes. Finally, innovations in magnetics including planar magnetics, nanocrystalline materials, as well as core loss characterization and mitigation techniques are discussed with a focus on key whitespaces and performance needs.

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