SUNY Polytechnic Institute and PEIC Announce Partnership

Posted on PEIC Happenings

Albany, NY – The New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC) and the Power Electronics Industry Collaborative (PEIC) today announced a partnership leveraging combined resources, capabilities, and know-how to drive the continued growth of the Power Electronics industry in New York State and the nation. The agreement aims to expand opportunities related to power electronics research, development, commercialization, and deployment through the enhancement of public-private collaborations, funding opportunities, and supply chain development. The power electronics sector plays a key role in faster, more energy efficient consumer electronics and enabling mission-critical U.S. military hardware, for example.

“The New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium, led by SUNY Poly in partnership with founding member General Electric, is yet another driver of New York State’s high-tech economy through its pioneering capabilities for developing next-generation power electronics, and this new partnership with the PEIC will offer valuable insights into the best ways to further expand the opportunities for power electronics-focused industry, organizations, and academia,” said Paul Farrar, General Manager of NY-PEMC and SUNY Poly Vice President for Manufacturing Innovation. “We look forward to working closely with leaders from the PEIC to encourage creation of the policies and synergies that will take this important technology to the next level, spurring the economic growth and jobs opportunities that can result when 21st century research and its industrial applications, along with a robust supply chain, all align.”

“As a national, industry-driven, membership-based consortium working to advance the U.S. power electronics industry, PEIC is thrilled to collaborate with the NY-PEMC, which has quickly become a national leader in this high-tech sector,” said U.S. Power Electronics Industry Collaborative President Dr. Keith R. Evans. “We look forward to this partnership as PEIC jointly evaluates the ways in which the power electronics industry and the NY-PEMC can maximize opportunities to innovate while simultaneously leveraging the NY-PEMC’s world-class process fab and packaging facility to offer unmatched manufacturing capabilities to bring major stakeholders together and move this technology forward.”

As the NY-PEMC continues to expand its membership and ramp up and advance leading-edge power electronics research across New York State, the consortium will be able to leverage PEIC’s industry expertise to gain further perspective on the detailed needs of power electronics stakeholders so that the NY-PEMC’s public-private model can continue to adapt to meet manufacturability and supply chain needs. Concurrently, PEIC aims to understand gaps and opportunities to advance power electronics innovation and manufacturing, and as part of the agreement, both organizations will utilize opportunities to cross-promote power electronics-based progress and announcements through participation at workshops, seminars, and other open forums to provide members updates and insights.