Keysight Releases Updated Parametric Measurement Handbook with New Power Device Characterization Section.

Posted on Industry News

Since its initial release in 2010, this 276-page handbook has proven itself to be an invaluable reference tool for scientists, engineers and technicians involved with any aspect of parametric test. Of particular relevance to PEIC members, this 4th edition includes an entirely new section devoted to power device characterization.

It has been seven years since we published the first edition of this handbook, and in the interim many things have changed. Fully recovered from the shock (in 1999) of transitioning from Hewlett-Packard to Agilent Technologies, in 2014 we once again changed names as the electronic test and measurement portion of Agilent to became Keysight Technologies (“unlocking measurement insights”). Despite our two name changes, Keysight remains true to its roots as HP’s original business. We continue to work at supplying our customers with the best electronic test solutions available.

If you have an earlier version of this handbook, then you probably want to know: What is new? The main thing you will notice about this edition versus earlier ones is the addition of any entire new chapter (chapter 9) devoted to power device test. This was necessary as Keysight has come out with many new solutions to test power devices since the handbook was first published. Also, power device testing is a complex enough task that it warrants having a chapter devoted exclusively to it. The other changes have been interwoven into existing chapters, and they include updated information on enhancements to existing products as well as information on some of our newer products.

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