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    Keith Evans

    Just to point this forum in a direction which resonates with most potential contributors, I figured a discussion of the term “Innovative Entrepreneurship” would be useful.

    I think most agree what is meant by each of those two words, but how about when combined? They are also used in the opposite order – i.e., both Entrepreneurial Innovation and Innovative Entrepreneurship.

    Here are some good websites that discuss both terms:

    1) https://www.innovationpolicyplatform.org/content/innovative-entrepreneurship
    2) https://www.igi-global.com/dictionary/innovative-entrepreneur/51037
    3) https://ec.europa.eu/epale/en/blog/innovative-entrepreneurs-why-are-they-different-others
    4) https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/937e/413e0a116ed78efd57572a0875aff96ef13d.pdf
    Note that reference 4) links to a 2014 Research Policy article entitled “Entrepreneurial innovation: The importance of context.”

    Interestingly, while these nice websites and associated articles do a great job explaining the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship, they are nearly completely avoid a definition of the combined term in either order. Here is a notable exception, from reference 2) above:

    Innovative Entrepreneur: Individual who has the ability to undertake to create innovative products according to the changing demands of the market.

    Here is what I would pose for the definition of Entrepreneurial Innovation:

    Entrepreneurial Innovation is the multifaceted process that an entrepreneur or team of entrepreneurs engages in to attempt to bring innovative and potentially disruptive new products and technologies to market.

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