Canadian growers harvested the first legal hemp crop

Canadian growers harvested the first legal hemp crop

In October 2018, Canadian authorities allowed local residents to cultivate up to four cannabis bushes on the territory of one household. A year later, the locals harvested the first legal cannabis crop grown in the outdoors.

Canadians prefer to grow cannabis outdoors

Toronto resident Tom began smoking marijuana and growing hemp at age 14. Recently he turned 68, and he, as before, is planting cannabis in the garden. Tom said that for the first time in 50 years, he can sleep peacefully: “All these years, I pulled a fishing line over the ground and attached aluminum cans to it to hear if someone visits the site at night. I no longer need to do this.”

From mid-September to the end of October 2019, Tom harvested from four two-meter hemp bushes. According to his estimates, the weight of marijuana will be about a kilogram. Tom will not be able to smoke such a volume in a year, therefore he is going to treat his acquaintances. He explained his decision to start cannabis cultivation by the fact that marijuana was expensive on the black market and was not of high quality.

Alison Gordon, director of the 48North Cannabis cannabis company, said her company employees cannabis in the open ground because it is economically beneficial. This season, the company has grown 170,000 bushes on an area of ​​35.6 hectares. Alison told about the results of the harvesting campaign: “We sowed hemp later than planned because there was a delay in obtaining a license from the Ministry of Health. But we were lucky – the weather was good and cannabis had time to grow. Now we have already harvested almost the entire crop.”

Hemp cultivation in an outdoor environmentally friendly environment

Many experts have suggested that cannabis cultivation in an open field in Canada carries increased risks. However, in practice, it turned out that this method of cultivation not only reduces costs but also surpasses the environmental friendliness of growing in Indore. According to Gordon, hydroponics requires large amounts of electricity and therefore has a negative impact on the environment. In addition, Alison claims that hemp, which grows in vivo, contains a higher concentration of cannabinoids.

The Brantford farm is carefully guarded: the perimeter is surrounded by a high fence, motion sensors and cameras are installed, and security personnel monitors the facility. Thanks to this, not a single theft occurred during the year. Local residents reacted positively to the opening of the hemp farm and offered their help in the implementation of the project. Experienced grower Yubin Zheng said that all the remaining crops will be harvested in the first half of November. Autoflowering cannabis varieties matured in September and have already been sent to the plant for oil production.

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