Australian 18 years kept marijuana in his nose

Australian 18 years kept marijuana in his nose

Doctors at Westmead Hospital, located in the Australian city of Sydney, successfully performed an operation to extract marijuana from the nose of a 48-year-old man. According to the patient, cannabis was stored in his nostrils for about 18 years.

The first case of rhinitis around marijuana

18 years ago, a man was serving a sentence in prison. On a date, a friend handed him a rubber ball filled with marijuana. The prisoner hid him in the right nostril and during the search, accidentally thrust the ball deeper. Once in the cell, the man could not find the package in his nose and thought that he had swallowed it.

After 18 years, the Australian went to the hospital with complaints of headache and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sinus of the nose. Doctors performed CT scans of the brain and found a calcified nostril formed around a marijuana ball.

For such a long period of time, rhyolite formed around the bundle – a stone formed as a result of the deposition of phosphate and carbonate salts of calcium and mucus. The surgeon removed the neoplasm, and three months after the operation, the patient recovered. According to doctors, this is the first-ever recorded case of rhinitis around marijuana.

Where is cannabis best stored?

In 2019, Italian scientists published the results of a study on the best methods for storing cannabis. The authors of the project made 24 samples based on hemp resin and plant parts, determined the concentration of THC, CBD, and cannabinol and then placed them for four years in containers with different conditions.

After the deadline, specialists tested the samples 14 times and found out the following:

  1. 13% THC (in the light) and 11% (in the dark) decomposed at room temperature ;
  2. at a temperature of +4 ℃, there was a slight decrease in the concentration of THC ;
  3. at a temperature of -20 ℃, the amount of THC did not change.

Thus, experts argue that THC is best stored in a freezer. However, scientists did not record a significant change in the concentration of CBD when using any temperature regime. Therefore, cannabidiol is not necessary to put in the refrigerator, the main thing is to exclude light. Cannabinoids are destroyed in the process of redox reactions, in connection with this, marijuana needs to be removed in a vacuum package.

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