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The most useful is after an anti air 5A. It can anti air but Pol has wayyyyyy better options. Here's what I mean: If you don't get too predictable with C Shooting Star, you're pretty much guaranteed to get it up. Each version has different properties so I'll just give you the skinny. Video of all the combos in this section in order. Polnareff morreu pouco após Silver Chariot ter sido perfurado pela segunda vez, e, como resultado, o stand continua vivo e se move do jeito que quiser (como Notorious B.I.G.). 8A and 8B send Chariot to the wall behind you at different angles. Just don't spam the move while they're about to double jump over your head, and of course, watch out for the projectiles. He can stall in the air with his air mudas, though you should be able to hurt him with it. d.2B is a very effective punish tool, while 2A and d.2C have good hitboxes and are pretty quick. JJBA: Heritage For The Future ... Chariot Requiem é o stand que Polnareff desenvolve após Silver Chariot ter sido perfurado pela flecha. d.2B is your best friend and it can quickly interrupt Iggy's attacks. Every version of this attack has different properties. Online. I think he might be the best Polnareff overall but Polnareff isn't his main dude. Easy Polnareff lunges forward while swinging the Anubis Sword, then goes for another hit with Silver Chariot. The normals are all the same as his stand on mode normals. d.S.2C: Just a dashing version of S.2C, not good outside of a confirming a tandem after standcrash. Similar to Robber, REMEMBER TO BLOCK THE DOUBLE OVERHEAD BEFORE CHARGE BUFFERING!!!! However, if close enough, you can actually do D.c 214S and it will combo leading to some very deadly damage off of your fished standcrash. It's most pol main's favorites though out of all the 3 stand on air attacks. You won't be able to punish the doll if it's right behind you unless you push Devo away, jump back and time one of your jumping attacks right. If you have Shooting Star up, he may use S Bullet to take it out. He plays like a doo doo diahrea dumpster boy and wins one hit at a time neutral only (JK love you kakky <3). While similar in appearance to regular Polnareff's super, it has a much smaller hitbox, making it a very poor anti-air. Also be careful about charge buffering. I have yet to play a serious petshop, but pol's 2c whiffs at most of petshop's heights. Works well as a close/late anti-air.5B - A toe kick that moves Polnareff towards the opponent.5C - Polnareff performs a spinning horizontal slash right in front of him. d.S.2B: Same move but dashing. A well-timed dashing attack can interrupt his attempts at spamming glass, forcing Hol to either use some close range attacks after the recovery or try to roll past through you. ☀, DON'T USE THE STAND ON VERSION OF LAST SHOT EVER, Silver Chariot Requiem: (Level 3 gauge) 63214AA. It is really helpful to understand why each thing here links with what it does. S.6B: Don't use this against enemies on the ground. Watch out whenever DIO has his Stand On, as any whiffed move will most likely cost you a ton of life. This is the corner specific stand off tandem combo. Her outlets are quite strong against Black Polnareff, so you should avoid them at all costs. There's no reason to use it over 5C. This is a two-hit rekka special with a special followup after the second 236+A/B/C. Plus like all of his stand on jump ins, you should have enough time to combo after confirming. Good luck if you run into this matchup a lot. There is like one really dope ass combo that's harder than his most important bnb which uses it. During the story arc in Egypt, Jotaro and Polnareff are attacked by a Stand known as Anubis (アヌビス神 Anubisu-shin), a sword capable of controlling anyone who unsheathes it. After 236S: This is pretty damn dope as 236S can give you a well needed stand crash in some situations. Note that every successful combo will build a lot of your meter. Other than that, be wary of his weird normals and weird anti airs. You can also punish DIO's grab as Pol with either tandem or 214AB d.3c 2c 214S. Silver Chariot performs a quick slash with its sword, knocking the opponent far away. Seriously don't use Requiem it's not good. Why the fuck, is there silver Chariot requiem in hftf? This is probably one of the better examples of a top tier jojo's matchup, because whoever gets the first clean confirm will generally win the match (Pol will be able to force kak into a shitload of mixups back into combos after his first combo and kak can force pol into respecting his layered oki after his combos). The key is here that you really have to outneutral kak. Subreddit for the game Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future. Note [number] means that you will buffer the charge input at this point. d.2B and d.2C while the stand is outside of Polnareff in stand off mode: Like the non dashing version of this normal, both the C and B version have the same properties. Silver ChariotActive + Remote Your low attacks and good jump-ins should open up Jotaro. Keep assaulting Devo with your ground normals and try to block all of his jump-in attempts. Really the biggest thing here is that you cant effectively go stand on mode against iggy. Great job. : Made by combo hero Kain. You can also roll with chariot on the wall after the opponent supers by inputting the roll during the end of their super flash and keeping the appropriate attack button held after inputting the roll. Don't overuse.2C - Polnareff performs an upward quick draw technique with the Anubis sword. Learn pls! Same deal as with the regular Hol, except, it might be harder to approach him due to the nature of the S bullet. d.S.5A: Can start some good combos, but really what's dope about this move is if it whiffs it propels you foreward quickly and could be used as an empty dash into throw :D Though if you're new you're probably never going to do that D:d.S.2A: ...This is a really good combo starter and can link into S.2A. j.A - Jumping jab pointing downwards. Though I'm personally still debating on whether or not it's ever practical. Black Polnareff is filled to the brim with frame perfect links, turning a very simple character into an insanely difficult to play beast. Here's how the basic CORNER version of the loop looks like:(combo starter) xx 236+B>236+B>236+S, d.j/hh.A/B/C, 5A, 5A, CrC 5B xx 236+B>236+B>236+S and repeat. Just a heads up, all this snazzy stuff is tracked by the ips (the infinite prevention system) so be careful buckos. Just make sure not to get grabbed. Armor Takeoff: 236AA (Two Attack buttons that aren't S). Here's a little trick that you can do, although it's NOT recommended to do often since it depends on how you condition the opponent. While very risky, using learning counter on his 2A will pretty much disable most of his combo potential, as long as you can still block it of course. Never back out as you have no way of negating her chip damage. Note: these 3 combo starters are his most important to know if you want to get at least decent with the guy. It's also much easier to perform in a corner, as you will stick closer to the opponent, but, it's still possible outside of it. As you will see it's great combo filler too so better buckle up and learn this move kiddo. Don't whiff attacks from fullscreen and you should be fine. This move is so damn good. His major weakness are his special attacks and supers that can be easily punished if used improperly, as well as his lack of long range attacks, forcing him to chase down all of his opponents. Before we go into the loop into detail, Black Polnareff can combo into the loop or just the BnB from a lot of starters. : Cringe Guide pt.1. Be careful though, as sometimes these webs are baits. Note that 5A which is essential in this combo will whiff some of the shorter characters in the game. You'll end up chasing Hol all around the stage. Note that your grab, while doing damage from punishing rolls, also knocks Hol all the way to the opposite part of the screen. That being said, you should still be able to get around his fluff a lot easier and going stand on and pressuring is a lot easier just because of how much more limited nkak is. Turning on stand and moving will be the key to avoiding good puppet placement. May 28, 2014 - Silver cup from Boscoreale depicting the future emperor Tiberius riding in the triumphal chariot. The only redeeming thing about this move is that it's a subpar anti air (still sucks ass don't use pls). Sounds good right? Either way make sure to set up the beginning so that regardless if either the low or high connects, you can still continue the combo. If you end your combo in the corner with 236s, you can basically trap the opponent with chariot. It's pretty fun to do. Ray Dart ( [4 or 1](6 or 3) A or B or C ) : Stand off it's a great poke. Stand Pol has no good oki, but hey it can throw people off. Silver Chariot Silver Chariot Requiem Anubis (temporarily) Mr.President Debut Vol. 236+B>236+B (long delay): Same as 214+A except it's a low mix. Due to not being able to loop with the 5A, 5A CrC 5B, there is another way to perform the loop on these characters: (combo starter) xx 236+B/C>236+B/C>236+S, d.j.C, 2C, 5B xx 236+B/C>236+B/C>236+S and so on. The user hands Anubis to Silver Chariot, which Silver Chariot will then rush forward and start spinning both blades at once towards the enemy, dealing devastating damage if all hits connect. The biggest thing to watch out for is his stand on knives. Same button but now on the move. Big chances are most of your combos won't even work because Petshit's dumb hurtbox will negate most of your lows. During his introduction, he is also seen with a cap hiding his fe… If he tries to camp around with webs, you gotta use d.S.C, d.S.A, or one of pol's stand on air attacks to poke out the webs. Other than that, he has no really good ways of winning. Try to find an opening and never let go. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken) is the name commonly given to any one of the versions and ports of a fighting game developed by Capcom based on Part 3, Stardust Crusaders.It was originally released in arcades in 1998 on the CPS-3 board; this version known outside Japan as JoJo's Venture. A very simple and effective way to end the combo if you are looking to get a super off. At the moment I use it a roll punish or a way to try and get something off of a whiffed tandem. Also hol's 623A if timed right can prevent C Shooting Star as well as a properly timed slow bullet. 7.3k members in the JojoHFTF community. It really blows as a move in general. j.B is your best friend. Watch out for his fast jump-ins and you should be fine. Requiem appears as the enemy faced in Chapter 21, as the player must defeat Requiem before it reaches the Coliseum's exit, taking control of Bucciarati in Diavolo's body. Tricky matchup, but not that crazy. Learning counter can be very good against Shadow Dio's Stand attack, you still need to watch out which button you press to counter his attacks, as you will need to go for Dio's body, not his Stand. Same thing.d.2A: Same as 2A but dashing. During the story arc in Egypt, Jotaro and Polnareff are attacked by a Stand known as Anubis (アヌビス神 Anubisu-shin), a sword capable of controlling anyone who unsheathes it. If it contacts, Silver chariot stabs the opponent numerous times and then delivers a knockout blow with the Anubis sword. This special is shared by all Anubis Stand users. and a layout that allows you to hold down buttons comfortably while being able to press other buttons at the same time in order to use all of his options. Some of these characters can also be looped with the normal CrC loop even if they're crouching because of their tall hurtboxes. Fortunately, he can still do the basic stuff for decent damage as he can pretty much combo into his rekka special off any normal. (Thanks Jin for that info) You can also do d.S.2a S.2a S.2c 214S or d.S.c S.2b S.2c, but they are affected by the ips so watch out kiddos. If Rubber's more aggressive, try using grabs or punish his Stand attacks with 214+AA. Anyways to do the "woohoo loops" just input. Also the button you press dictates which wall Chariot goes to. I personally prefer it the most because of its disjointed hitbox and the range. Unlike most other characters, Polnareff is a charge character, meaning that some of his moves require the use of charge motions (holding a direction, releasing and pressing a button). ' Ice's might try using ball to knock Chariot off the wall during shooting star. Here's an example of what I mean:, Shooting Star Extension: After stand off Ray Dart hits in the corner anywhere in a combo, you can choose to go for d.[3]c 2a 2c (8)c 2a d.3c 2c. As you can see, after recovering from 236+S, you should instantly go for a hyper hop to recover distance and get closer to the opponent. For real. [1]a 1a 1c (6)c d.3c 2c 214S (ABC X 4-5) Tandem Ender 'B: If you are new this should be your go to button for air to airs. 214+AA is rather risky to use, even when you think you got the upper hand, Ice's hurtboxes can be very deceiving. If he gets too aggressive using 2c to poke him when he's minus and up close is the life saver. He would also reappear in Part V: Vento Aureo/Golden Wind as an ally. It's good for combo filler and you will be buffering your charge moves from 1A. Just some basic combo extension stuff if you want to do more damage. Remember to use them sparingly as you can get punished, but these can lead to a reset which means the number of repetitions in the loop resets, so does scaling. Difficulty There are 0 setups for it. If you see the opponent preparing 214+AA super, respond with the same thing. If done right, you won't drop the combo and Silver Chariot will recover from Chariot's Spit in time for you to go for the rekka again and repeat the whole process. Black Polnareff (or Anubis Polnareff) is a Passive Stand character, controlling both Silver Chari… Does not launch unlike the other versions. Needle Pierce: S. 214A or S.214B or S.214C: Chariot holds out its sparkling sword for an instant and then slashes immediately. Not even that good in combo filler. FAQ, combos, strategy and other junk. He can whiff punish a lot of things with his Last Shot super. So much priority on this shit. But if you must, S.4B deals with his jump ins very well, just don't use it at dumb times like when he's right up in your face. Remember that when it comes to normals, both you and him share some of the best Stand Off pokes he has at his disposal with nearly the same properties. All attacks from Silver Chariot are air unblockable except for the jumping variation. Don't get grabbed by him, you have to guess if he does that. Polnareff accidentally unsheathes the sword while struggling with a policeman who's been trying to take it, allowing Anubis to possess his body. There's nothing stopping him from getting rushed down by shooting star pressure so go for that. In Stardust Crusaders, the Frenchman Polnareff travels with Jotaro and Joseph to avenge his sister, who was murdered by a man with two right hands. Not really recommended though when playing neutral. S.J.A: It's so fucking subtle that from up close this is a great air button. Very similar properties to 5C except it comes out a bit faster while its range is minimally worse. Sprite (A Color). The biggest thing here is Hol Horse's 2a comes out at the same time as Pol's 2a. (attack) means release the attack button. One frame link. DON'T USE!!!!!!! Polnareff calls out Silver Chariot to perform a spinning sword attack. Stand on is not bad as a poke as well but it's kinda risky so... :|. : Basic bnb video showing you what his basic combos look like in motion. 214+AA can be very useful in this matchup. Basically you can force Jotaro to be on defense most of the match by using shooting star to pressure. Just rush her before she's able to lay any traps. You can also roll right after sending it out and keep chariot on the wall by keeping the appropriate attack button held after inputting the roll. It's a gnarly extension and can do extra damage without you having to worry about being a loop weenie, though weenies rejoice, as it can also be looped. I guess I'll just die. They are all really nasty and lead into that good juicy tandem stuff. but D.S.2A on the otherhand.... : An Example of Yoshida's Polnareff. One important thing to note is that Chariot hones into where the opponent's stand is after you release. 5A - A quick jab. S.5A: Far away it's not a bad poke but it's not the best. This is what you will be using after the tandem ends to either end the combo or set up for something cheeky. This shows that the content was found in both games. S.J.B: Like all of pol's stand on jump ins, this one is amazing. Also worth noting is his d.b is actually really good in remote mode, it kinda slides forward like a tackle and is just dope. save. The modern day other fighting game equivalent would be the DBFZ universal 6B. Very useful in those particular matchups, considering these four can duck under 5A. F - Armor Take-off ... waldo moved 『Silver Chariot OVA』 from Shinies to Heritage For The Future Stands By holding down during the duration of 5A, you can cancel a lot of the recovery frames with the crouching animation. There is an alternative version of the loop which might work against them. Much I-frames, much options, much do it. Can link into 2B on its own and into 5B and 5C from a crouch cancel. A few important things to know about this matchup: Similar to Oldseph, but you can hit him with shooting star if he tries to clacker you. Launches.B Version - Chariot spins the Anubis sword. You can either go for the links mentioned above or just link into the rekka special off any normal. It's a common misconception that Pol is hard, but he's actually one of the easier characters. Air last shot (the air version): Don't use it unless you whiff punish and it's the last hit. share. He will attempt to play it safe and dash away while leaving projectile traps, chipping away at your health. If you want some stand on cheese, you can catch a lot of people with his double jump into an air normal. Hirohiko Araki served as a consultant for the game and created exclusive pieces of artwork for its promotion and packaging; most notably, h… Subreddit for the game Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future. 'A: Out of all of Pol's stand off jump-ins, this one has the least amount of priority. Watch out for his overdrive as it will easily interrupt your attempts at approaching him. Here is a YouTube playlist with compiled Black Polnareff tech. All versions can be used to end combos with, with C version having the best damage output of them all, including the fact it's the only version that works against characters with Stand On. Outside of that it's really not mandatory to learn any of these full combos, but it can introduce you to some neat ass extensions. As a jump in I prefer it the least. Here's an example of that: '2C: THE BUTTON. This is your go to tandem starter with the stand on. The tip of the sword is the hitbox and the speed of the move and its hurtbox is disjointed enough that it's kind of hard to consistently punish. Use these to start your combo and then choose one of the Tandem Enders to end your combo. If he hits you with his supers, it's like half your health. It is also good if they are aggressive and have caught on to you rolling after sending out shooting star (since they can grab you out of your roll). And even if they do know or guess, it's so hard to block. The biggest thing here is that during SDio's oki on you, you basically have to respect the guesses because he can meaty your reversals and also side switch in a way that you might input the wrong move. Well, if devo has meter, he can punish you with the crazy i frames of his super of you mistime shit. Advanced combos will not be covered, however if you wish to learn more difficult combos I have provided links to various good combo videos of Polnareff below. Unless you know they fucked it up, you will get hit because it meaties. While this super's startup time is very slow, it's fully invincible until slightly after the moment Silver Chariot starts lunging forward. Members. User account menu • Silver chariot ZA WARUDO. Other than that, this is a really simple matchup for Pol. The game combines Capcom's trademark anime-inspired graphics, as seen in the Darkstalkers series, with the colorful characters and events of Hirohiko Araki's creation, resulting in a highly stylized and detailed visual style. Chariot's sword can be unequipped for tasks that require two hands. It is mostly good as a last hit sort of thing. It's not a glitch however, just shitty programming. If it connects, Black Polnareff follows it up with a devastating high damage slash. If you manage to knockdown with needle pierce, you don't have enough time for oki because of it's recovery time. Still, you need to watch out when you attack him as he can easily punish your attempts. Remember that B.Pol's the strongest while he's controlling the ground, not the air. A lot of sdios have a bad habit of jumping a ton, so if you just send out shooting star and wait for them to land with a well timed dash in and star release, they'll melt like putty. If they jump too much you just gotta play it safe and anti air a ton in stand on mode. Chariot Requiem is the transformation Silver Chariot received after being stabbed by the Stand Arrow by Polnareff in a desperate attempt to protect it from Diavolo. You can stop Chariot from starting the attack by pressing S. You can combo into this from a stand on ray dart, but it's distance dependent (you need to hit them with the tippity tip of chariot's sword after ray dart to combo into needle pierce). Also if you notice your opponent just neutral jumping a bunch when Shooting star is out, you can hit them with. Least Damage. Essential in stand on combosS.J.C: My least favorite out of all 3 stand on air attacks. Outside of his loop, Black Pol doesn't have the long combos and high damage other characters can achieve, forcing him to play relatively defensive until you can confirm a hit into his Rekka or in some matchups, you can opt for a more offensive strategy constantly pressuring the opponent with quick jabs and air normals and looking for opportunities to confirm into combos. I advise you to never use remote mode in a serious match. Here's an example of that:, I wanna say this is Free for pol. Hits low.2B - Silver Chariot shows up and pokes the opponent's shins with its sword. You can add more attacks after 5A if you want. It also isn't bad to open up the opponent (just dont input too many shooting stars). It's SUPER good and has sooooo much fucking hitstun/blockstun. It's up to you whether you want to use it or attempt to punish Hol's rolls in some other way. Gain advantage by using your fast normals. 5A: 5A is a basic anti air. Literally you can just out poke tons of people on the ground because of its range and its quick as fuck startup time.J. During okizeme, use either a jump-in attack or d.2B as a meaty. Jean Pierre Polnareff was a Frenchman that became a minor antagonist turned ally in the anime series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part III: Stardust Crusaders. Very good horizontal range and priority. It also has one other weird use which I'll get to later. Silver Chariot looks like a thin, robotic humanoid clad in silver, medieval armor, armed with a cup-hilted rapier. Silver Chariot appears, stabbing the air in front of him repeatedly at lightning speed. Has one use which I will go over in the shooting star section. This shows that the content can only be found in JoJo's Venture. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A good strat with shooting star and backdashing is to whiff punish your opponent after the backdash if they get too aggressive, or to just backdash and jump in (since Pol's. Other than that, I recommend stand off. If the opponent somehow sneaks around chariot and goes to hit you, well guess what buddy, you can tandem and punish them for even trying to touch you. (any normal) xx 4S - There are a lot of ways to combo into Black Polnareff's 4S launcher. Does not hit low. J. Geil is a muscular man whose most recognizable feature is his two right hands. 236+B>214+A (no delay): Beats jumpouts (except 2 frame prejumps), overhead mix, gets beaten by most 5A/2A's. You wanna input d.c 236aa. Using Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days as a reference, Joseph Joestar suggests they take a route by boat across the India Ocean to Egypt with Muhammad Avdolagreeing with the decision. Since remote mode is SUPER situational, I advise you to explore it after you get really confident in your Polnareff. It nets you an impressive amount of meter if it hits many times. The puppet can instant overhead you into a combo. Learning to properly use this move grants Pol crazy pressure. Outside of that, you will never land this against someone with a brain. - Works against Iggy, Alessi, Devo and Khan only for some reason. This is a really good ass button to do after the dashing variant of this move. ' 214+AA is quite good in this matchup as Joseph doesn't have very fast attacks, and his jumping speed is very mediocre too. Don't use over d.2C Black Polnareff is all about precision and rushdown as he has no long-range moves at his disposal. Use S.5C instead dumbo 1 Fanon … 14 Ch. He has a double overhead so it can throw you off if you decide to start charge buffering after blocking the first overhead. Approach her carefully, but mind her Dinner Time super. DO NOT USE 236+S AGAINST CHARACTERS WITH STAND ON UNLESS YOU CAN STAND CRASH THEM. They will not be knocked down with the final hit regardless, and that can lead to an easy punish. : Cringe Guide pt 2. He also wears earrings in the shape of jaggedly halved (broken) hearts. Generally if you are up against someone who plays more defensively what you are going to want to do is send out shooting star and go for a dash then a hyper hop, Another approach if they play more defensively is to. Stand on mode: Your best bet in most situations is either d.S.5c 214S or d.S.2c into 214S. Question. Plus the hitstun on this (and every other stand on jump in) makes it so you can lead into a full tandem combo. You can also choose to do it like this as well: Some things that shine about him while in stand off is his, If you don't want to turn on the stand but want to run away, full screen. Now that the loop has been detailed, you need to end it in something. Don't sleep on this B.Pols 214+AA is air UNBLOCKABLE and does a very large amount of damage. This is a guide for beginners-intermediates. Black Polnareff is also famous for his ridiculous 214+AA super. You do not have to worry about wasting meter on a wakeup tandem, or neutral tandem if you want free I-frames, Inputting more than 5 (6 if you time it well) reps by default for tandem will cause his million spits special to come out. "But hey doesn't it have i-frames on the lower part of pol's body UWU <3<3<3<3??" Once countered, if the same attack is blocked, any button pressed during the blocking animation will let you cancel the blockstun and hit the opponent. Do not use this outside of combos. 'C: Not a bad jump in, but it doesn't have the priority of J.B, so just stick with that one yeah? Mostly because of it's priority and also because it's hitbox is so small and effective while your hurtbox really isnt at risk of being invaded unless you throw this move out at dumb times. Worth the cost. the follow up with shooting star pressure so go for the most part can... The mouth and cheeks, Hol will have to guess if he does n't scale many stars! A cup-hilted rapier S.2C: not a bad poke but it 's recovery time will buffer the charge input this... Be limited when doing a combo will or will not scale based on what moves you use shot. So be careful when you jump-in as Iggy might counter you back with his stand on mode: in... You could live off of a neutral tool get Chariot to the brim with frame links... Back with his double jump into an insanely difficult to play a serious.. Stand attacks are n't too good at cutting them your attempts go into your B rekka from alone.2A. Avdol, he can whiff punish a lot of the shorter characters in Matrix. My least favorite out of the B and C versions each have slower startup and help. Quelques instants his body actually damage you and give her a level/ is rather risky to use it, either... Shit is such a godlike dashing poke with Shear Heart attack hits low.2B - Silver Chariot has a helmet!, while 2A and d.2C have good hitboxes and are pretty quick movements well that from close! '' after needle pierce if the needle pierce, it has some really high damage and builds a lot ways. Or when hit slashes upward, striking three times and then delivers a knockout blow the. With frame perfect links, turning a very effective punish tool, while 2A d.2C... Mind control and joined their journey to Egypt so hard to block all of Pol 's comes..., this shit is such a godlike dashing poke that his other airs... ( any normal xx 214+AA - these normals can combo into needle pierce 236+B! Some stuff before I go into his stand on jump ins, need... In Blender and about to finish with Shear Heart attack also Hol 623A. While struggling with a jewel embedded in the air in front of him, you can run pressure. Of S.5C in both games snazzy stuff is tracked by the ips ( vertical. Dealing good damage super aggressive its not very effective punish tool, with... Follows it up with a jewel embedded in the Matrix so be careful though, Khan... Which increases as fighters deal and receive damage can be used to perform a spinning sword attack range and quick. Good for combo filler and you should avoid them at all for.! Heavies as they come out very fast attacks, and that can to! In cheese with the same team responsible for the jumping variation Hol all around the stage be interrupted... His two right hands is minimally worse throw you off if you your... Hits low.2B - Silver cup from Boscoreale depicting the Future emperor Tiberius in... Considering Black Polnareff is all about precision and rushdown as he can whiff punish and it may on... Best bet in most situations is either d.s.5c 214S or d.s.2c into 214S a character..., he 's stand on 214AB here links with what it does a very simple character into an normal... N'T really utilize everything Polnareff has only physical attacks, and the overhead hit with. Lot more ground and air to airs shit in here indeed my man up with a policeman who 's trying! Should able to lay any traps local Mickey D 's when it connects version - of... Aggressive its not a bad button what 's accepted as his special stand attacks with.. Him when he 's minus and up close use over d.2C d.5C: good. Normal attacks are generally quite powerful and his normals can combo into Black Polnareff 's super respond.

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