Angela Merkel party suggests legalizing hemp in Germany

Angela Merkel party suggests legalizing hemp in Germany

The party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has changed its skepticism towards recreational hemp and proposed to legalize the plant.

Germany wants to create a legal cannabis market

The CDU spokeswoman Marian Wendt said in an interview the following: “You can lift the ban on hemp and create a system for controlling the production and trade of marijuana. The freed-up resources of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies should be used to combat illegal cannabis trafficking.”

Last week, Daniela Ludwig, member of the Commission on Drug Control and a member of the Christian Social Union (CSU) faction, stated the need to liberalize drug policy. In her opinion, lawmakers need to stop ideological debate and reach a consensus on controlling the trafficking of illicit substances.

Ludwig claims that in the process of developing new regulatory measures, the Bundestag is obliged to fulfill a practical task, namely: to create the most effective method of protecting people’s health and well-being. According to Daniela, her party has long been considering the possibility of legalizing hemp and is studying various projects aimed at opening a legal market.

About 4 million Germans smoke marijuana

According to official figures, in 2018, about 4 million Germans consumed cannabis, 17% of them were young people aged 18 to 25 years. In 2017, a law on the legalization of medical cannabis came into force in Germany, allowing patients suffering from serious illnesses to take cannabinoids by prescription. The Federal Institute of Medicines and Medical Devices controls the cultivation, trade, import and export of hemp products and issues licenses to commercial enterprises.

Until recently, the CDU was the only party supporting repressive drug policies and opposed the liberal initiatives proposed by the Social Democrats, the Greens, free democrats, and the left. The position of the CSU in relation to hemp coincided with the opinion of the deputies of the CDU. Last year, faction member Marlene Mortier said that the debate on the legalization of cannabis should be stopped or directed in another direction because they have reached an impasse. In her opinion, marijuana is a dangerous drug, and people should keep this in mind. Her successor, Daniela Ludwig, is ready to compromise with representatives of other political movements, so the likelihood of legalizing cannabis in Germany is significantly increasing.

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