American schoolchildren will study medical hemp

American schoolchildren will study medical hemp

The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) is developing a medical cannabis education course for students in grades 1 through 12. Educators believe that the era of the ban on cannabis has already ended, so students should be aware of the medicinal properties of the plant.

Cannabis science must be taught in school, not in the street

Patricia Green-Powell, Director of the Medical Cannabis Department at FAMU, has presented a plan to create a training program for consideration by the Florida Senate Committee. In her opinion, cannabis has become part of everyday life and therefore should be included in the school curriculum. In an interview, she said: “As a result of a study conducted by the Pew charity, it was found that 2.9 million children live with their grandparents. Many elderly people take cannabinoids for medical purposes. How do they answer the grandson’s question about what is marijuana? “

FAMU employees are going to provide teachers with effective educational tools with which they can conduct educational programs about medical hemp. The university plans to launch teacher training courses at a research institution in Tallahassee. According to Patricia, the science of cannabis should be taught by school teachers, not experts from outside organizations, because in this case, the children will feel more comfortable.

FAMU accused of misuse of budget funds

In June 2017, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law giving FAMU the right to implement educational programs on the benefits of medical cannabis and the dangers of smoking marijuana purchased on the black market. The university receives funding from the budget: the institution is allocated $ 10 from each card issued for the purchase of medical hemp. In the period from May 11, 2018, to August 29, 2019, the organization transferred $ 3.16 million. However, the Florida Ministry of Health refused to pay the university $ 2.2 million, citing inefficient spending of money. According to officials, FAMU specialists are mainly engaged in research and do not conduct educational campaigns in the media.

To remedy this situation, Peter Harris was fired from the post of director of FAMU, and Green Powell took his place. She promised to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Health, compiled a list of events that would be organized at the expense of taxpayers, and received approval from the Florida Senate.

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