American saw Jesus face in hemp oil

American saw Jesus face in hemp oil

A resident of the US state of Michigan, Ed Fornino, saw the face of Jesus Christ in hemp oil, squeezed from the cannabis strain God’s Gift (“God’s Gift”). The man suggests that the Lord God himself had a hand in his hemp bush.

Jesus’ head imprinted on parchment paper

Fornino moved to Michigan to grow hemp legally. He planted 12 bushes of medical cannabis and 12 – recreational. One of them was God’s Gift, the seeds of which Ed purchased from a local seed bank. For the production of oil, a man bought a 20-ton hydraulic press. After harvesting and preparing raw materials, the American marked parchment paper. Removing the sheet from the press, Ed looked at the print and noticed that it had the shape of a face. The man thought that God was depicted on paper, so he took a picture of the sheet and showed it to his wife, who does not smoke marijuana. The spouse confirmed that the imprint is very similar to Jesus.

Michigan believes in the healing properties of cannabis

According to Ed, God’s Gift strain helps relieve depression and anxiety. Fornino claims that hemp can cure not only people but also animals. Once his dog, nicknamed Kansas, became ill, a man took her to a veterinarian for an examination, during which it turned out that the dog was ill with cancer. The doctor asked Ed to come the next day to put Kansas to sleep. Returning home from the clinic, Fornino decided to smoke marijuana to calm down. Seeing cannabis, the dog laid its paws on the table and buried its face in the owner’s hand, which she had never done before. Fornino asked her if she wanted help. Kansas barked back and Ed gave the dog a small piece of marijuana. The animal ate a treat and then began to play with the ball and run after the squirrels.

The American was surprised at the unusual behavior of the terminally ill four-legged comrade and called the veterinarian to cancel the appointment. Fornino fed Kansas the most expensive marijuana for two weeks. After that, he brought the dog to the veterinary clinic. The doctor took a blood test, took an X-ray, and determined that the dog had fully recovered. Subsequently, the pet lived for six and a half years, was never sick and died a natural death. According to Fornino, Kansas knew that cannabis is a medicine bestowed by God.

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