2018 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC), June 13-15

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PEIC Members to Present at the 2018 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC),
June 13-15, Long Beach, California

Panel 2: Power Electronics – Applications of Si, SiC, GaN
Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
2.00PM – 3.20PM
Venue: Room 204

Panel Organizer and Moderator:
Elie Naim, AVL Test Systems, Inc.
• Shengyi Liu, Boeing
• Burak Ozpineci, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
• Bruce Geil, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
• Srdjan Lukic, PhD, Deputy Director, FREEDM Center North Carolina State University

Panel Summary:
In 2010 some semiconductors makers claimed that the Si power MOSFET had hit a road block and a new technology was needed. Around that time some claimed that Wide Band Technology GaN and SiC would replace the traditional Si by 2015. Also known as compound semiconductors SiC and GaN, these wide band gap technologies showed no clear sign on when their application volumes in the future would be higher than Si. This panel will touch base on the application usability of Si, SiC, GaN and when to determine which semiconductor material to use in power electronics applications:

1. What are the market technology drivers for each? (e.g Cost, efficiency, cooling, packaging, etc…)
2. Use cases of Si, SiC, GaN and when to determine which semiconductor material to use in power application (e.g above 900V, GaN would not be able to meet the higher voltage requirements)
3. From an electromagnetic point of view, what are the challenges with designing with Si, SiC and GaN

Finally, I believe each type will be playing an important role in the future but each will settle into its own forte.


Panel 4: Architecture of Electric Driveline Systems for Future Automotive – Low Voltage (36~48Vdc) versus High Voltage (400~850Vdc)
Thursday, June 14th, 2018
2.00PM – 3.20PM
Venue: Room 202A

Panel Organizer:
Dhafar Al-Ani, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Panel Moderators:
Dhafar Al-Ani, Electrified Powertrain, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Joe Palazzolo, Engineering Director eDrive, GKN
1. Joe Palazzolo, Director, GKN Driveline
2. Daniel Benchetrite, New Mobility Director, North America Powertrain Valeo
3. Elie Naim, Technical Specialist –AVL

Panel Summary:
Electrification of the Driveline is a powerful method to get optimal weight, efficiency, size and performance, which all combine to deliver a high quality and very responsive driveline systems. With all of the hybridization and electrification systems, what are the advantages and concerns of two opponent architecture concepts that are Lower-Voltage systems like 48V and High-Voltage systems from 250, 450 to 850V systems and beyond?

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